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Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher's Mitt (33.5-Inch) Left Hand Throw

MFR: 311454.FR90.23.3350 UPC: 041969998786 Condition: New
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The Mizuno Supreme GXC94 is a 33.5 inch Youth transitional sized Catcher's Mitt that features the patented Para Shock palm, which absorbs the shock of repeated use, providing less rebound, outstanding protection, and ideal comfort.

Gloves are designed to perform a relatively simple task--catch a ball. The quality of materials and craftsmanship that can go into a building a glove, however, can be surprising. Below is an overview of a glove's components and how each helps optimize your defensive game:

Pocket: Pocket depth is determined by player position, with shallower pockets helping infielders quickly retrieve and throw the ball, and outfielders' pocket depth aiding in capturing a ball on the fly. Softball players also need deeper pockets to catch the larger ball.

Webbing: The preferred webbing pattern is partly determined by field position and partly by player preference. Generally, open webbing helps infielders quickly retrieve the ball, closed or tightly woven webbing gives outfielders and third basemen extra support, and closed webbing allows pitchers to hide the ball from the batter.

Backs: The back of a glove, or the part that goes across the top of your hand, can either be closed or open, which is largely a matter of player preference. Some infielders find an open back to be more flexible and forgiving, while outfielders may like a closed back with finger hole for added support.

Wrist Adjustment: Some gloves include fit systems, or wrist adjustments, to help keep the glove tightly affixed to a player's hand. The most popular closures are buckles, D-rings, lacing, and Velcro.

Padding: How padded a glove's pocket is depends on position, with catcher being the most heavily padded. In recent years, many manufacturers have begun to add padding to other position gloves to reduce "palm shock."

Materials: By and large, gloves are constructed using one of three materials--leather, treated leather, or synthetic--with the differences relating to feel and durability.
Leather: Most high-end gloves are made of leather, which offers optimal feel and durability, with leather quality being a significant cost driver
Treated Leather: Leather material is softened and strengthened during production for quicker break-in, better durability, and lower maintenance
Synthetic: A lower-cost alternative to leather that offers reduced durability and responsiveness, and is a good option for beginning players


33.5" Catcher's mitt
Youth transitional sized
ParaShock palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use, providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort
Left Hand Throw
Model: 311454.FR90.23.3350
  • MFR: 311454.FR90.23.3350
  • UPC: 041969998786
  • Condition: New