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PK Paris

PK 32GB K'ablekey USB 3.0 Flash Drive

$ 79.99
  • PK 32GB K'ablekey USB 3.0 Flash Drive

PK Paris

PK 32GB K'ablekey USB 3.0 Flash Drive

$ 79.99
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Perfect companion for your iPhone, solves your memory and battery problems with your iPhone.

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Condition: New

The Flash drive that boosts your iPhone

Free up space on your iPhone

No more memory on your iPhone or iPad? Connect the K'ablekey to the Lightning port of your device and transfer the videos, music, photos or other documents of your choice.

You can thus free up memory and backup your media, which are protected in case of loss or breakage of your smartphone.

Watch your films on the go

You no longer have to choose which videos to take with you, take them all. With K'ablekey, you can retrieve content and videos from a computer and read it on your iPhone or iPad.
Just plug your K'ablekey into the computer via the USB port and make the transfer happen. The transferred files can be read easily regardless of the format and whatever their size, once your iPhone/iPad is connected.

Your charge cable always with you

K'ablekey is a true survival kit that can also be used as a charge cable for your iOS devices. Just plug it to a USB charger, computer or powerbank to recharge your iPhone.

Lifeproof design

Made from hard-wearing materials that are also water resistant, the K'ablekey can withstand the worst conditions, and can even be clipped on to your key fob to be with you all the time.
The prestigious IF Design Award 2017 recognized this combination of design and ergonomics.

Carry on what you're doing

Thanks to its clever design and magnetic caps, K'ablekey can be elegantly plugged into any PC and Mac computer. It fits snugly into all iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices, with or without its protection case, for an unhindered use.

Manage your files with the PK memory app

With the free Pk memory app, select one, several, or all files from your iOS device, then transfer them on your K'ablekey. On the other way, take the files from your computer to the K'ablekey app and watch them directly on your mobile device.

The Pk memory application allows you to organize your files into folders or playlists, or to protect all or part of your files with a password. It's perfect for easy sharing.